Mental health: Doctor issues warning over mindfulness apps offering ‘quick fix’

Doctors are warning about the risks of relying on smartphone mindfulness apps, offering meditation and breathing exercises, for your mental health.

Key points:

  • Dr Grundy says quick-fix pledges can be damaging to those seeking help
  • Large number of app creators have unclear backgrounds in mental health
  • Calls for regulation of app creators, as well as app stores like Apple, Google

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Instagram’s New #HereForYou Campaign Promotes Mental Health Awareness

Instagram has already shown its commitment to mental health awareness by banning hashtags like #thinspo and allowing users to anonymously report another person’s troubling post, so the social media network can offer help. Now, Instagram is solidified this commitment by kicking off a new campaign, #HereForYou.Continue Reading

Experts Warns that Climate Change is a Major Mental Health Threat

Experts Warns that Climate Change is a Major Mental Health Threat – Climate change is a major threat to mental health, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), warns. The association has joined the growing ranks of physician groups that are sounding the alarm about the multifactorial effects that rising seas, temperature extremes, and changing environments are having on individuals’ physical and mental health.Continue Reading

Schizophrenia symptoms – Disorder Treatment – Causes – what is schizophrenia

Schizophrenia symptoms – Disorder Treatment – Causes what is schizophrenia – This is a type of mental illness that affects a person’s actions and his positive attitudes. People suffering from this mental health normally have problem leading a peaceful life at home and working place.  Their thinking changes from normal state to abnormal within a twinkle of eyes. People, who suffer from this, normally have big issues in handling their feelings.

What is schizophrenia?

This is a complete loss of normal feeling, thinking and action. This mental health can affect the way a person lead a normal life. Schizophrenia disorder can causes someone to experience delusion and hallucination. Proper treatment can help some get better quicker. If nothing is done to help a person suffering from schizophrenia, it can cause big damage. A person who suffers from this most times tries to disassociate from public and friends.

It’s important for you to understand that most people that suffer from this illness don’t harm their friends or family members. Before a person suffering from schizophrenia can start harming people, and then the case must be severe. This mental health often makes it very difficult for affected person to see things as they are. They tend to see thinks the upside down.

Schizophrenia disorder can be managed properly if quick medical advice is received by the affected person. Taking to a doctor about your schizophrenia symptoms is very good and it will help you get better. There is no need of keeping all to yourself, if speak fast to a health care officer, your mental illness will become a history.  Here we will be discussing the causes, symptoms and treatment options for schizophrenia disorder in men and women. You will get information’s you need in order to manage your mental illness via our category for Mental Health.

What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?

The symptoms of this mental health vary from one person to another. Schizophrenia disorder can come without warning signs in some people. Some others feel the signs and symptoms of this mental illness warning signs. The signs will help you understand better what you will discuss with your doctor when you visit.

Early warning signs of schizophrenia disorder

Kindly not, that you will feel some signs in your body if you think you have this illness. It doesn’t necessary mean that you will feel what every other person feel. When you start noticing any of the under listed signs, please ensure you see a doctor. Talk to your doctor about your health problem and give him all the information he needs.

  1. Delusion
  2. Hallucination
  3. Deterioration of academic activities
  4. Having problem at work
  5. Avoiding social life
  6. Sleeping problem
  7. Hygiene and personality change

Avoiding social life

Schizophrenia disorder makes affected persons to stop enjoying good social life. They tend to avoid even their close relatives and friends. It can seem extremely difficult to handle alone. Visiting a doctor will give a chance to live a better life again. Schizophrenia disorder can causes someone who doesn’t love travelling much to move from one region to another. One of the reasons of the travel is just to stay away from people.

A socially active person suffering from this mental illness may find it very difficult to communicate with his friends and friends.  There are so many health care centres in United States of America you can visit to get treated. If you stay outside US, you also ask for any good/adequate health care centre closest to your home. Following your treatment as directed by your doctor will help you get better fast.


Schizophrenia disorder makes affected individual to believe in things that doesn’t exist. People who suffer from this disorder frequently have feeling that someone is after their life. When you get closer to affected people, you will certainly feel their pains. Delusion occurs when a normal person start feeling things that are not in existence.

Schizophrenia disorder disconnects the mind and brain from real things of life. Someone affected with this disorder can tell you that you or another person is seriously spying him. They can argue with you that a white cloth is actually black in color. Please if you see any of this signs in any of your friend, don’t laugh. Its better you get the affected person closer to doctor. A visit to a health care centre will help he person get better faster. A doctor will thoroughly examine and give adequate treatment to affected person.

Having problem at work

Making troubles with co-workers, can cause problem for a person suffering schizophrenia disorder.  Talking out of point can cause you to have problems with co-workers. So many things can contribute in causing problem at work. Indecent dressing and communication issues may lead to problem at working place.

Hygiene and personality change: Some people that suffer from schizophrenia disorder dresses so bad. Some go around their neighborhood with un-ironed cloths. Most men can stay up to six weeks without saving their bears and mustache.

Some even stay close to have a year without barbing their hairs. Self hygiene is usually a problem for people suffering from schizophrenia disorder. Washing dirty plates will almost seem so impossible. This disorder makes affected persons to have problem in maintaining a good hygiene. Seeking treatment is the best thing to do. The earlier you meet your doctor the better.

Sleeping problem

Unless under the care of a doctor, sleep is usually hard for people suffering from schizophrenia disorder. This mental illness don’t allow affected person to have normal sleep as usual.  If you normally enjoy having afternoon sleep, you will have difficulty in sleeping due to this disorder.

Hallucination/ hearing voice

A person who suffers from schizophrenia disorder can hear strange voices. Some people hear command voices while others hear normal voice. This disorder can you believe that someone is trying to communicate with you. Schizophrenia disorder can make a person feel so strange n the eyes of others. It’s better to seek treatment on time. Once you start receiving treatment, the warning signs of schi zophrenia will start going.

Leaving school

This mental health can make someone abandon school. Difficulty in maintaining a good social life can cause a person suffering schizophrenia disorder to quit schooling.  If diagnosed of this disorder immediate treatment should be sought for. By taking treatment from a doctor or psychologist/psychiatrist, you can live a better and more promising life again.

  • Common schizophrenia delusion
  • Delusions of grandeur
  • Delusion of persecution
  • The Delusion of control
  • Delusion of reference

Negative symptoms of schizophrenia disorder

A person is said to have negative symptoms when normal behaviors are no longer available. When your behavior changes complexly from normal, to abnormal stage, then you have schizophrenia negative symptoms. Below are list of some negative symptoms of this mental illness.

  1. Lack of interest in the world
  2. No enthusiasm
  3. Zero emotional expression
  4. Disorganized speech

Causes of schizophrenia disorder

This major cause of this disorder has not been discovered. There are other things which have been linked to cause schizophrenia in children and adult.

  1. Genetic factors
  2. Environmental factors
  3. Brain factors

Treatment/medication for schizophrenia disorder

Schizoaffective disorder symptoms – Treatment – Test- Causes

Schizoaffective disorder symptoms – Treatment – Test- Causes – this mental health occurs when someone have schizophrenia and mood disorder.  When a person experience symptoms of depression and schizophrenia symptoms, then he or she may have schizoaffective disorder. Due to the fact that this mental health is a combination of two different mental illnesses, some finds it very hard to differentiate it.

This mental health makes it very difficult for a person to school and work properly. If you are a student, you will likely have misunderstanding with your fellow students. A working class person suffering from schizoaffective disorder will find it very difficult to cope at the working place.  This mental illness reduces the quality of life a person lives.

The best means to improve the way you live your life is to seek proper medical care from a doctor.  If you seek good medical care, you will start enjoying life and stat enjoying communication with friends.

Schizoaffective disorder affect the way a person do things. This mental health changes the way you handle your day to day activities. Your thinking will change for good alongside your relationship with others. A person who suffer from this, experiences high and low mood often.

Symptoms of schizoaffective disorder

Different people suffer and show different symptoms of this disorder. Some can have very mild symptoms while others can have very severe schizoaffective disorder symptoms. Some can experience a bipolar –type schizoaffective or depressive- type schizoaffective disorder and hallucination or delusion.


A person battering from this disorder will hear voices that are not real. A person, who suffers from severe schizoaffective disorder battles with hallucination, some will hear voice that comes from their own thought. When they think, they will feel as if someone is talking to them. Some will hear loud voices while other will hear low voices. Hallucination is a very big problem to people who are suffering from schizoaffective disorder.


This mental illness may cause you to feel like people are making decision for you. You will feel as if someone is forcing you to do what you don’t want to do. Some will even say it out to their friend’s face that they are trying to decide for them.

You may engage in a quarry with a friend or family member due to delusion. This is so abnormal for someone who is known to be a peacemaker before to start fighting over nothing. This behavior is very bad, you need to seek your doctor’s attention as soon as you can okay.


schizoaffective disorder can make you experience moments of high moods. It’s easily noticed in a person who doesn’t laugh or eat too much when he starts behaving otherwise. Mania makes someone to experience high mood. This mental health can make your mood to change from low mood (Depression) to becoming very energetic which is out of the person’s normal behavior.


Feeling down is normal, but when you get down so often, you need to see your doctor. When you often feel hopeless and helpless for a long period of time, you need to see and talk with your doctor. A person who suffers from schizoaffective disorder feels depressed most times. A person can have feeling of abandonees, worthlessness and dejected when suffering from schizoaffective disorder.


Anyone who is battering with schizoaffective disorder finds it very difficult to maintain a clean lifestyle. They always live in a dirty and tattered environment. They physical appearance always looks so bad. The appearance will make them look so bad in the eyes of family and friends. If good treatment is given, good personal hygiene will be restored.

Change in sleeping

You will find it very difficult to sleep the way you use to. Schizoaffective disorder can make a person sleep little or too much.

Trouble maintaining a job

This mental illness can make someone loss more than one job in a year. People who suffer from schizoaffective disorder can feel so down at working place.  If you notice this kind of behavior in a co-worker who uses to lead a normal live, talk to him or her to see a doctor.

Lack of social life

Schizoaffective disorder can make someone disengage with friends and loved one. A person who is suffering from this mental illness normally has problems in performing in social gathering. If an MC id having schizoaffective disorder, he will likely have problem in doing hi work in public.

Self blame or guilt

This disorder makes someone to have self blames most of the times. A person with this illness blames him or herself for no just causes. A person who suffers from this schizoaffective disorder thinks he is the causes of his mental illness or other people’s problems.

Weight loss or gain

According to researchers at the University of Alabama at Birminghan, they reported in 2009 that weight gain happens faster in people who suffer from depression than those who aren’t depressed. By now, you ought to have known that depression is one of the thinks that leads to schizoaffective disorder. Weight loss is experienced in people suffering from this disorder, due to lack of appetite. Lack of strength to prepare once favorite meal can cause someone suffering from schizoaffective disorder to experience weight loss.

Suicidal thoughts

If you have a friend or relative who thinks of ending his life, try and help him see a doctor. This disorder can make them think of harming themselves or someone very close to them. If you meet and talk with a doctor, all this schizoaffective disorder symptoms will become history after treatment.

Causes of schizoaffective disorder in men and women (Adult and children)

Nothing has been scientifically proven to cause this mental disorder in men and women. But they are things which can lead to having this mental illness. Below are lists of things that can cause schizoaffective disorder. Knowing the things that leads to this mental health problem will help you understand better schizoaffective problem better.

Genetic: A person who is suffering from this mental illness may have gotten it via genetic. This disorder can be transferred from parent to their own children.

Brain chemistry: If you have problem in your brain via mood and thinking circuit, it can lead to schizoaffective disorder. The brain circuit helps in maintaining your mood and thinking ability.

Environmental causes: Stress is also known to be among the things that can lead to this mental health problem. Drug and child abuse also helps in triggering this disorder.

Schizoaffective disorder – How is schizoaffective disorder diagnosed

As of the time of this publication, they are no specific schizoaffective disorder test. No test that can detect the presence of this mental illness. The MRI scans will be used by doctors to check if there is any illness causing the symptoms of this disorder. In addition, blood test will be done to confirm reasons for the schizoaffective disorder.

Treatment for schizoaffective disorder

Getting good treatment is advisable. When treated you will lead a normal life and say goodbye to symptoms of schizoaffective disorder.

  • Medication
  • Hospitalization
  • Psychotherapy
  • Skills training

Borderline personality disorder test – symptoms & treatment BPD

Borderline personality disorder test – symptoms & treatment BPD – This is a type of mental health problem that affect people. Borderline personality disorder is known to affect someone emotionally. A person who suffers from BPD always have problem in maintaining a good relationship with others. They also have unstable mood and wrong behavior.

Borderline personality disorder is a mental illness that increase most during early adult age. Most young people suffers from this problem. BPD decrees with time. The more a person age, the lesser the symptoms of this personality disorder he will feel.

BPD is a personal trait that flows in a person, this makes living a comfortable life almost impossible. You can still become happy and live life the way you want. That is if you can seek for treatment of borderline personality disorder from any nearest health center. If proper treatment is given. Your joy will be fully restored and you will have millions of reasons to smile and be happy.

The signs and symptoms of this mental health problem have being clearly written down here for you to read. If you have borderline personality disorder. Then you have to kindly cool down and read the information contained on this webpage okay. Read and have sound information concerning the signs, symptoms and treatment options. It will help you have good knowledge on how to manage borderline personality disorder.

Disclaimer: If you experience any of the below symptoms of borderline personality disorder. kindly visit your doctor or any health care center for proper checkup. The content of this webpage is for educational purposes only. It should not be used in replacement of your doctor’s advice.

Borderline personality disorder changes the mood of people who suffers from it. BPD makes make people think and feel as if they have been abandoned by their friend and relatives. You will find it very difficult of maintain a relationship with friends and family members.

A person who suffers from borderline personality disorder always feels that he is rejected by neighbors. schools mate and co-workers.  They feel unstable almost all the time. BPD causes mood change almost every hour. This illness can make a person feel better and happy in the morning while reaching the night, full anger and sadness will occupy the persons mind. When you check very well, you will find out that no serious thing caused their anger. Due to the frequent unstable mood, some friends and family members tends to keep off.

Borderline personality disorder can cause drug abuse. Most people who suffers from BPD, take some hard drugs like marijuana and heroin. Loneliness is felt most times; this lonely state is caused due to frequent mood change. The truth is that no one loves staying with an unhappy person. Since borderline personality disorder causes mood change.

BPD makes you hear sounds and see things that don’t exist. When you start hearing strange sounds. Kindly seek an advice from your doctor. A doctor will examine you and give you the best treatment. Don’t just sit and ignore the symptoms of borderline personality disorder okay. Act fast by getting yourself properly checked.

Symptoms of borderline personality disorder – BPD

Some of the symptoms have already been explained above. I have listed and explained some of the symptoms below. Its for your full understanding.

  1. Suicidal threats
  2. Mood swing
  3. Feeling emptiness
  4. Anger
  5. Self goal identity change
  6. Feeling abandoned

Suicidal threats

Most people that suffer from borderline personality disorder always have thoughts of committing suicide either at home or working place. They always seem to threaten friends and family member no just cause. They gets upset in every little thing you do, there are so aggressive that they can start hitting on people. It’s advisable to seek advice from a doctor or a licensed psychologist. If you notice any suicidal acts from any of your friends or family who used to live a normal life, kindly call the attention of health care officers for borderline personality disorder diagnoses and treatment.

Self goal identity change

Borderline personality disorder makes people to see themselves in a different mod from whom they are. Borderline personality disorder makes people to change a very vital life goal they’ve set years back in just a blink. Self goal change affect in almost every area of life. Your co-workers will now see you as a different person.

For instance, a person who hates alcohol can start taken excessive alcoholic. Borderline personality disorder can cause someone who conducts himself in public to start misbehaving. If you have this mental health problem, don’t just worry, just talk with your doctor. A doctor or psychologist can help in treating you.

Causes of borderline personality disorder

As of the time of this publication August 9, 2016. There is scientifically no proven  borderline personality disorder causes (BPD causes). In resent research, so many things have being found out to help in triggering the symptoms of BPD.


Borderline personality disorder can be linked to genetic factors. BPD can be inherited, if any of your parents once suffered from this illness; then just have in mind that yours didn’t fall from the sky. Since this can be transferred via gene, you shouldn’t blame or avoid close relationship with affected person okay.

Environmental factors

Borderline personality disorder may be triggered by factors easily found in once environment. Child abuse, loss of a family member or a friend. Also taking too much alcohol and drug abuse can trigger the symptoms of personality disorder.

Child abuse: Abusing a child at an early stage of life can lead to the development of this mental illness. Borderline personality disorder in children may be linked to gene or environmental factors such as death of loved one. Losing a loved one can cause a child to develop this illness and some other child abuse.

Diagnostic criteria for borderline personality disorder – BPD

Before one can be diagnosed for BPD (Borderline personality disorder). He needs to have experienced difficulty in living his normal life. Some of the above mentioned symptoms need to be experience by the person. A psychologist can diagnose you and not a GP. Borderline personality disorder can be treated you are properly diagnosed on time.

How to deal with this personality disorder stigma

If you have borderline personality disorder and people always feels bad been around you. Don’t just worry yourself okay. There is still hope for you. Seeing and talking with your doctor always can help you become better and live a normal life again. Going to a social gathering and taking your medication will help you out quicker.

Treatment of borderline personality disorder –BPD treatment

I know you have been thinking if there is a cure/treatment for BPD, the answer is yes dear. Nowadays a person suffering from borderline personality disorder can easily get treated. The treatment will work faster for you if you meet and talk with your doctor. A Doctor will be in a better passion to diagnose and chose the right treatment option for you. Below are lists of the treatment options used in treating people that suffers BPD.

  1. Talking treatment
  2. Medication for BPD
  3. Self-care treatment

Getting properly treated may take so many years. The length of the treatment period depends on how fast you experience the symptoms and fast medical care. If you seek medical help early enough, your treatment won’t take much time. So visit your health care center today if you think you have borderline personality disorder.

Talking treatment for BPD – Borderline personality disorder

Getting back to your normal self can be done by simply having a talk time with your doctor or psychologist. This treatment option works perfectly. Your doctor or psychologist can use any of the below listed talk option to treat borderline personality disorder. National Institute for health and care excellence ( highly recommend the under listed talking treatments.

  1. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  2. Metallization based therapy (MBT)
  3. Therapeutic communities
  4. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  5. Cognitive analytic therapy (CAT)
  6. Psychodynamic therapy
  7. Interpersonal therapy
  8. Arts therapy

Medication for BPD – Borderline personality disorder

Researchers/scientists have not made any drug to treat and cure BPD. They are some other medication used by psychiatrist. These drugs are used in treating some mental health problems, they can b used to treat borderline personality disorder. Kindly read the information below and get the names of the medication for Borderline personality disorder. Note: don’t take any medication without consulting your doctor first. Say no to self medication.

  1. Antidepressants
  2. Antipsychotics
  3. Mood stabilizers

Anxiety disorder Treatment – Causes – Symptoms in Adult & Children

Anxiety disorder treatment – Causes – Symptoms in adult & children – Read the full breakdown of causes, signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder in both male and female. You will understand better some of things you might have heard about this mental health illness.

Feeling anxious is a normal thing for all human, when you start having difficulty in living and maintaining a peaceful life due to anxiety, you need to seek your doctor’s attention.  Anxiety disorder happens when a person finds it hard to live life the way he or she is used to. When fear becomes your next door neighbor, you need to see your doctor as soon as you can. There is no specific test used in testing people with this type of mental illness.

Anxiety disorder symptoms can be checked by either a doctor a psychologist. If any signs of anxiety disorder are found, any one of the treatment option will be used to treat you. Most people that suffer from anxiety problem usually have social and emotional disabilities. If proper and quick treatment is not given to affect person, it may cause serious damage in the future. It is important for you to note some types of anxiety disorders. Knowing the types will help you in identifying the difference between all the types.

Anxiety disorder Treatment – Causes - Symptoms in Adult & Children

Types of anxiety disorders

This mental illness is of different types okay. Below are list of the types of this mental health. Full explanations have been given below for more clear understanding.Continue Reading

Depression symptoms – signs of depression in women and men

Depression symptoms – signs of depression in women and men – If you have ever felt so sad, helpless or hopeless, then you need to read the information here okay.  I will be discussing some of the major depression symptoms in adult, adolescent and children. Feeling sad and down is sometimes considered normal.

As long as you live and breath air, you are bound to feel down some times. In every hundred persons walking in an area 15 person feels down and sad due to one reason or the other. So many things contribute in making a person to become depressed.

Depression symptoms in women are expressed more than in men. Women fine it very easily to discuss with some of their family and friends when they are depressed than men. Symptoms of depression in some men stay for a long time without being noticed, this will hinder proper treatment too.  Most men don’t always welcome the idea of sharing their health problem and it has a very big negative effect of people with depression.

Depression symptoms – signs of depression in women and men

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